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The almost frustrating game to free you from your boredom! - Made with love, lots of pizza, and strawberry ice cream!

Set in the world of Dalle, the year is OYOY, and in this world, life is controlled by the group referred to as the "Reds". Ruled by monarchies in the South and the North with monarchs known as "Leaders", they trade goods and services among themselves, and travel between both parts of the world frequently. The North mainly sells clothing, but needs materials from the South, whose main export is cotton. 

They use servants referred to as "Blues" to perform the labor needed to harvest crops for the North. The Blues are mistreated frequently, and conflicts often erupt, leading to disastrous consequences for the Blues. To avoid direct conflicts, some Blues indirectly revolt by breaking equipment or taking other means, such as trying to run away to the North, where this labor is banned. The Reds would breed guard sheep, a strange hybrid, to quickly find and retrieve runaway servants, leading to harsh punishments for the servant and their families...

Freedom is a minimalist platformer set in a somewhat colorful world gripped by a struggle between two factions. A child is disturbed by this rift in understanding and sets off to fix it so that no one has to be mistreated any longer! Use jumps, double jumps, air jumps, running, and shooting to fight for your freedom!

  • Some gravity changes
  • A couple of cats and dogs and dinosaurs
  • A tragic yet subtle story about a struggle
  • Spikes, lasers, and rockets (did I already say spikes?)
  • Some chase scenes
  • Lots of running and jumping
  • Over 40 customizable hats
  • Gamepad support
  • A minimalist art style designed for a focus on gameplay!
  • Pots that give you extra lives for more fun!

Keyboard (Defaults) / Controller:

Controls will remain the same on the remapping screen for keyboard

You can use all the direction pad buttons or right stick too for controller

A or D / Move stick left or rightMove left or right
W / Bottom buttonJump or move up in menus
S / Left buttonInteract or move down in menus
Spacebar / TriggersShoot or accept
P / Top buttonPause or cancel
R / Select buttonRestart
Escape / Start buttonEnter and leave the exit menu
F11 (and maybe F4)Toggle Fullscreen

Special thank you to my siblings for the game trailer and cover art, and to XHH!

I hope you enjoy it!


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Version 2
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Version 2
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Version 2

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